Specialists in hotels

Find and book the best hotels and accommodations for a good and cozy stay. Welcome to Hotels Gallery. Is exclusive website designed to primarily save the Hospitality Industry a fortune on promotional material. The site lists high-resolution images, text, logos and other material required for promotional purposes. The pictures are easily accessible and quick to download at the click of a button to the travel trade for their publications and brochures.

Specialists in hotels

This service provides a tool for the tour operator and offers a one-stop shop to access numerous interesting pictures of a wide variety of hotels and resorts. Each hotel is allocated a private gallery within the website which is not accessible to the general public. The property must therefore first provide their selected users, such as a tour operator, with their own private security code, thus allowing them to control access to their images and other promotional material.

Cost effectiveness and unique features for the hotel industry include enormous savings on the mass reproduction of slides and CD's. Distribution and overseas mailing costs no-longer come into effect and pictures, logos, banners and press releases can now be accessed from anywhere, and by anyone, around the world. With hotel renovations and new property inclusions into hotel chains, Hotels.gallery offers the simplicity of immediately making changes to their private gallery without the associated costs of producing and mailing of new CD's.

Further to the cost saving aspect, Hotels.gallery also allows properties to manage which images are available for publication by ensuring one central repository of the most up to date and relevant material.


  • Snoqualmie

  • Malibu

  • Fullerton

  • Gardendale

  • Bushkill

  • Addison

  • Alabaster

  • Kingsport
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